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In Which I Get This Party Mildly Started

The Spindlers - Lauren Oliver, Iacopo Bruno The Map of Time - FĂ©lix J. Palma

Well hello there boys and girls! Today I will be talking about a thing I like to call..."The Book Blahs." I get them quite often. It's not because I hate books, it's just my mind wants to read everything all at once so mu

ch that it burns itself out so hard. It really sucks. It makes me sad..

The Book Blahs Make Dean Cry I seriously have to force myself to read things. That's not how you make me a happy panda.


I'm trying something new. I walked around my house and hovered near all my books in their various locations/homes. There's books ERRwhere in my house. The kitchen, the bathroom (don't ask), the bedroom, the living room...you get the general idea. So this process took me at least an hour, in which I was very thankful that the husband was at work and the child was at school. No judgement!


So after browsing through the Library of Me, I stopped on two selections. The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver and The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma.


Darhlings... (Darlings..since there's two!)


So we shall see what these two book do to me. I am HOPING they kick start some awesomely ridiculous book fest, but if they don't then they don't.


Have any of you (maybe 3 people that follow me so far..) read these books?


Tell me, tell me, tell me!